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recyclable plastics engineering

Welcome to Dennison ‘The Plastics Recycling Specialist.’ Fully licensed and compliant with all UK standards, we are committed to efficiency and excellence. With decades of experience behind us, our strength lies in is our flexibility, our know-how, and our absolute commitment to offering you best value.

We’re the perfect plastics recycling partner to meet your needs. We deal with all types of plastics – from regrinds and pellets to unprocessed plastics – collecting it, transporting it and processing it. We have a strong network of UK-based partners – we can even offer our products to China, the EU, and the GCC. What sets us apart? It’s our know-how combined with our can-do attitude, speed of service, and ability to offer maximum market value from the best producers. Challenge us to offer you best value and we’ll meet that challenge – and that’s a promise.