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Bottles Recycling

Need a plastic bottle recycling specialist you can depend on?
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At Dennison, we’re revolutionising plastics recycling. Our specialist knowledge of plastic bottles and their recycling applications, coupled with our service levels, makes us the perfect partner to meet your needs. We can handle any volume of material from one-off containers to regular, large scale loads. We collect and stock all types of plastic material – from PET to HDPE bottles and drums – and deliver the very highest standards in plastic bottle recycling.

Our experts are always on hand to discuss your requirements and to help achieve maximum value for it. Say hello to:

  • Tailored deals and collection plans for your plastic bottles
  • Local purchasing teams and a local service
  • Material recycled to the highest standards
  • A vast range of stock and the ability to offer best value every time

 If you’re looking to place or recycle your plastic bottles, trust Dennison. They’re fast, efficient, effective and responsible everything we need in a partner. Lovell NG, Director, Lovell Recycling Ltd 


Want to become a Dennison recycling partner? We welcome all recyclers to partner up with Dennison on our mission to revolutionise recycling.