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Can Dennison deliver best value and fast payments on re-grinds? No problem!

It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it and, at Dennison, we do re-grinds rather well. In fact, we’re revolutionising plastics recycling altogether. As specialists in regrinding and its applications for the polymer compounders industries, we’re fast and responsive, providing best market value for quality single streamed 8mm re-grind plastics derived from plastics production plants, as well as from the recovered plastic mouldings from the market sector.

You’ll find our experts are always on hand to discuss your requirements, and we can accept or collect any volume of material from one off containers, to large, regular loads. We even provide contracts to companies with 40 cubic meter roll-on, roll-off containers. With our know-how and ‘can do’ attitude, we’re the perfect partner to meet your needs. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Tailored deals and collection plans for your materials
  • Local purchasing teams and a local service
  • Experienced staff to discuss sales of our re-grind materials from our sites
  • The highest standards of re-grinds – perfectly engineered and uncontaminated
  • A vast range of stock, different grades, and the ability to offer best value – every time

” Dennison always provides maximum market value and quick payments, and they nurture long-term relationships. I can’t recommend them enough. David Holt, Director, V10 Polymers Ltd. ”


Want to become a Dennison recycling partner? We welcome all recyclers to partner up with Dennison on our mission to revolutionise recycling.