unprocessed plastic

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unprocessed plastic

Ask to us to provide best market value for your unprocessed plastics.
We love a challenge!

Try out the ‘Dennison know-how’ for size. We’re specialists at recovering unprocessed rigid and flexible plastics for our in-house regrind production facility and automated compacting facility. When it comes to making purchase decisions on streamed plastics from recycling companies, we’re also reliable, responsive and fast. Challenge us to provide best value and we’ll deliver – every time.

You’ll also find our experts are always on hand to discuss your requirements, and we can accept or collect any volume of material – from one-off in roll on roll off 40 cubic metre open top containers, to large, regular on site service of multiple 40 cubic metre roll on – roll off open top containers.

If you’re looking for a recycling partner, Dennison can deliver with:

  • Tailored deals and collection plans for your materials
  • Local purchasing and sales teams
  • Experienced staff to discuss sales from our sites
  • The highest standards in transporting unprocessed plastics recycling
  • A vast range of stock, different grades, and the ability to offer best value always!

“Consistently achieving maximum market value is very important to us and that’s why we consistently work with Dennison. David Holt, Director, V10 Polymers Ltd. ”


Want to become a Dennison recycling partner? We welcome all recyclers to partner up with Dennison on our mission to revolutionise recycling.